Leaving the cave behind


The other day I became fascinated with the idea that automobiles are the modern day cave. I wanted to explore this idea a little bit more so I discussed it with someone who I knew would bring me more ideas - be sure to check out Jessie's post Cars and The Cave where she takes a more abstract, philosophical approach to this topic.

Cars, trucks, buses, SUVs - all provide their inhabitants with everything humans have ever required of a cave:

  • shelter from the elements
  • protection from outside dangers
  • a place to feel safe and secure
  • a place to relax and consume calories with little risk of threat
  • a place to create the preferred environment for idle thoughts

We've improved the cave by making it mobile. Moving caves! Just think of what our ancestors would have wished for and look at what's been accomplished in the modern automobile. It's all in there.

We've understood that sharing experiences and stories in a community is important and have also solved for a way to include everyone who wants to participate from the comforts of their automobile. If you don't have any passengers you can still participate in some semblance of community by listening to the radio, or communicating with a CB radio or cell phone. No one has to feel alone in their automobile, even if they are driving alone in back country roads. There is a great comfort to be had in hearing someone's voice.

So, what is there for me to complain about? We've adapted one of the oldest, most cherished controlled environments which has allowed humans to safely live and propagate, and we've improved on it! What can I possibly say that goes against this accomplishment?

Caves are complicated. Caves are also traps. There is a cost to giving up the outside world to go hide in a cave all of the time.

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