Syntax Highlighter Upgraded


That Syntax Highlighter library I added yesterday has been upgraded from the version found on Google Code. The latest version by the author has a few more syntaxes, a different approach to calling for highlighting, an autoloader (which I won't use as I'm doing all the work myself already), and a slight change to the syntax selection.

I've upgraded the library files, am skipping the autoloader, skipping the legacy proxy, and am curious about the change to the toolbar space as it appears functionality may be lost.

		<title>Test 2</title>
		<p><center>Hello again, world!</center></p>

I've also stripped out the functionality of adding the Syntax Highlighter code to the RSS feed as it has no use there, code blocks will still be rendered in the default manner but will not be very pretty.

<script language="javascript" src="/js/shBrushJScript.js"></script>
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