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2011-12-04 03:21:00

I have now implemented adding blog posts by creating separate .post files.

Included in this is an after-the-fold piece so that the blog front page can be trim and show snippets of posts, with links to the complete post. As demonstrated here:

There are a few other improvements to my site building script, as well as the site itself. My latest changes include:

  • adding Creative Commons licensing
  • moving some hard-coded configurations to a JSON config file
  • beginng separation from my JustMeOverHere domain, focusing on switching to HowAHumanWon, or an even more generic option
  • improving coverage of logging in the site building sub-processes
  • adding logging to file
  • adding replacement identifiers so that static files can contain placeholders for dynamic data, such as blog post snippets for the main blog page based on content in other .post files
  • preparating for future enhancements, like Twitter feed integration

While it doesn't look like I've been very active I have been working on some of these improvements in a sandbox space while testing new functionality. There are still some migration issues going over from the sandbox to the hosting site, such as making sure all of the Perl packages I am using are available and correctly installed in both locations. My sandbox actually has issues with Data::Dumper for some reason, and I haven't found the correct flags for the compiler to generate reliable .so libraries when fetching/updating Perl packages. For this and other reasons I have pared down my reliance on external Perl packages as much as possible.

I have started using Asana as my task list organizer and am very pleased with how it works. I'm so happy with it that I've also adopted it for work at my company and have vastly improved my task management when the project count goes higher than a handful, which during the holidays it inevitably does.

I think once I get a bit further along in my site building I'll be able to post more often, and with less website navel gazing. It will be nice to write some opinion pieces and get into some of the underlying decisions I've made to guide me in the style and behavior of this site.

Later. For now I'm going to commit all of my updates to the project and go over my list to see what features I'll work on next.

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