Hello, world!


Some years ago I purchased this domain in the hopes of using it to express myself on the Internet.

I have a feature list of things I want to have on this website that I am starting to implement. I'm going to build many of the components for constructing and maintaining this site on my own. I'm also going to document the process now that I'm at a state where it is practical to do so.

I began with building a very small framework in Perl to generate all of the website's content from source header, sidebar, menu, content, and footer files. I am learning to use the Fossil version control system, using it will help me to track my progress and the source files used for this site.

This site, and this blog is completely in its infancy. As I type this the blog consists of one static HTML page with absolutely no frills. Over time I will grow my small framework to allow me to author posts as separate files, and the main blog page will display fragments of these posts with links to the full content.

More posts will follow, as will more features to the site. I'm going to enjoy learning some new things along the way, and that's the whole point. Lastly, I'd like to point out that if you double-click anywhere you'll make Usagi Yojimbo show his angry face.

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