Syntax Highlighter Upgraded


That Syntax Highlighter library I added yesterday has been upgraded from the version found on Google Code. The latest version by the author has a few more syntaxes, a different approach to calling for highlighting, an autoloader (which I won't use as I'm doing all the work myself already), and a slight change to the syntax selection.

I've upgraded the library files, am skipping the autoloader, skipping the legacy proxy, and am curious about the change to the toolbar space as it appears functionality may be lost.

		<title>Test 2</title>
		<p><center>Hello again, world!</center></p>

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Syntax Highlighter Added


A few years ago I played around with a javascript library that would perform syntax highlighting on identified code snippets. It looks like the project has progressed and is available now on Google Code, so I added it to the site.

		<p><center>Hello, world!</center></p>

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Fixed RSS blog post linkage, moved .post files to new path


Today I fixed a bug with the post links in the RSS feed, and moved my posts to subdirectories for better organization.

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Now with RSS


Today I added an RSS feed to the blog. It includes the full post content, not just the snippet.

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Blog posts linked to each other

2011-12-04 20:58:00

Earlier this morning I pushed out my latest updates and found a few problems. Today I went about fixing things, and added another feature to make blog posts have Previous and Next post links at the bottom of the page.

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Blog posts by file

2011-12-04 03:21:00

I have now implemented adding blog posts by creating separate .post files.

Included in this is an after-the-fold piece so that the blog front page can be trim and show snippets of posts, with links to the complete post. As demonstrated here:

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Hello, world!


Some years ago I purchased this domain in the hopes of using it to express myself on the Internet.

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