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MIRT stands for "Multiple Image Resizing Tool"

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What is MIRT?

MIRT is an image resizing tool that automates the same resize operation on a series of image files. Originally the program was designed to help reduce the size of large image files so they would be viewable on the web over slower connections.

What can MIRT do?

Here are some of MIRT's features:

  • resize a list of files, or a single directory of files, to the user's preferences
  • recurse subdirectories within a single directory when the 'Recursive directories' checkbox is selected, and it will preserve the directory structure in the destination directory
  • support for drag-and-droping to add images or directories
  • resize based on a forced scale, such as reducing all images to 1/Nth of the original size
  • resize an image to target a width or height value, whichever is the lesser value that preserves the scale of the image
  • output renamed files with an optional prefix and/or suffix
  • preserve the filetype of the original image in the scaled version, or convert to another filetype handled by MIRT
  • output resized images in a new directory or directory tree, or within in the same directory as the original files (caveat: be careful to add a suffix or prefix to the output filenames if it's saved to the same directory or you will overwrite your original files!)
  • set the file compression on output JPEG images, or preserve the JPEG file compression value from the original file
  • detects images that have already been resized in the output directory and skips them, or optionally they can be forcably overwritten

What are MIRT's current limitations?

  • only bitmap and JPEG files are supported
  • forced exact resizing, skewing the original dimensions of an image, is not possible
  • resizing process must be restarted if resizing is cancelled



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