2011-12-11 14:28:00

Some of my recent website updates have provided the ability for me to easily build and maintain multiple blogs on one site. All of my posts so far have been about the work put in to building the site to this point, and now I'd like to prepare this space for more personal posts.

I've copied all of my older posts to a new website project area. I will also keep the posts locally to this blog space for posterity.

I've also decided that I'm going to prepare my website building script and skeleton framework as an open source project. There's a considerable amount of cleanup and prep-work on the code and example files, plus a lot of documentation to write, before I'm at a point where I feel comfortable sharing it. I'm happy to say it's early enough in the work of this project for me to be considering this where the impact is not huge.

I'm not sure who would benefit from my website builder package (I guess I'll have to think up a decent name at some point), but hopefully some good will come of sharing something I've written.

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