Fixed RSS blog post linkage, moved .post files to new path


Today I fixed a bug with the post links in the RSS feed, and moved my posts to subdirectories for better organization.

The RSS bug was that blog posts had a link back to the full post page, but the path was incorrect. It included part of the build path where the final .html content gets prepared before being deployed to the web service path.

I also decided that putting all of my blog posts into a single directory was a bad idea, and have adopted a YYYY/MM model for keeping the clutter at bay.

After some code restructuring I found some other bugs with sequence of path operations, blog post URL errors, and more RSS file content issues. Over the course of a few hours I restructured the code some more and set limitations on how deep blog post formatting would go, and expanded the count and scope of RSS files.

I now have rss.xml files populated at all tree levels where a blog post resides down a farther branch. This means each of my major directories can be have blogs in them, which may come in handy as a mechanism for creating and maintaining multiple separate blogs. The blog posts will only link with other posts that same major branch down from the root path, which provides local scoping to that major branch. The root level's rss.xml can capture all blog posts, so it could operate as a master site feed.

I will probably have to do more work within the RSS files if ever I do start to distinguish other blog paths and use them, the content in the header information of the RSS feed is not dynamic to the source of the content.

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